Ria Plays – Jar of Fishes EP out now

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Jar of Fishes

five-song EP from Ria Plays

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Ria Plays – Jar of Fishes EP out now




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Ria Plays is an artist-led, three-piece band that fuses uncanny, magic realism lyrics and melodic shapes with a huge backdrop of noir rock.

‘I write songs visually, like I paint,’ says singer songwriter and artist Ria Parfitt. ‘Everything’s an image.’

The main driving force behind Ria Plays – alongside bass player Justin Seeger and drummer Jonah Webb – certainly writes a quirky tune. From ‘lobster telephones’ to ‘vultures picking at naked bones’, the visual artist paints a picture with her ‘songs for the strange’ and the band’s new EP – entitled Jar of Fishes – takes us to a world of estranged and damaged people, reflections on lost love and the bizarre nighttime antics of wildlife... all delivered with a backdrop of angular and raw alternative rock.

The band released their first offering in 2018 – the single Postcard – and quickly followed up with two other tracks, Volcano and Good Luck With Love. The Jar of Fishes EP, released in May 2019, takes the journey a stage further with a heavier, more focused sound.

On tour, Ria Plays have supported Colorado band The Velveteers, London-based rockers Indya and Waitsian piano genius Tensheds as well as appearing at a number of festivals, including Worcester Music Festival.


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